Supreme Court releases Premchai on one-million-baht bail, with EM bracelet

14 Dec 2019 | View : 101

KANCHANABURI (NNT) - The Supreme Court has released well-known businessman Premchai Karnasuta and two others on one-million-baht bail each, along with an EM bracelet attached, and a prohibition on leaving the country in the face of last year’s wildlife hunting case.

Mr Premchai, Yong Kodkhrua and Thani Thummat, the convicts in the black panther hunting case, earlier placed 400,000 baht’s bail, but the Appeals Court called for 200,000 baht more from each of the convicts.

In the latest development, the Supreme Court has ordered one million baht in bail from each of the convicted men with the EM bracelet on their ankle. They are banned from leaving the country unless specifically allowed to travel by a court.

Mr Premchai and his accomplices were found guilty of illegally carrying guns, illegally hunting wildlife including a protected species in a sanctuary, illegally possessing carcasses of the wildlife, illegally hiding the carcasses and illegally collecting forest products in a national forest reserve.

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