DSD holds seminar on automotive industry workers development

18 Nov 2019 | View : 190

BANGKOK (NNT) - In response to the economic slowdown, the government has been promoting less reliance on the export sector, and the greater implementation of technology in manufacturing. The Department of Skills Development (DSD) has held a brainstorming seminar on the enhancement of worker skills in the automotive industry to address worker shortages.

The DSD Director General Thawat Benjatikul said today there are some 700,000 workers in Thailand’s automotive industry; the government wishes to see this group enhance their skills and become skilled labours.

He said the DSD will be adjusting training programs currently offered at the Automotive Human Resource Development Academy (AHRDA) to focus mainly on improving trainee’s skills to become advanced skilled workers with an 80 percent target, which is a huge step up from the current 20 percent target.

The DSD today hosted a seminar to gather ideas on workers’ skills development, which will be presented to the skills development and occupational training committee. The committee is responsible for the supervision of the country’s human resource development in keeping with the government’s policies.

On this occasion, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) President, Somkiat Tangkitvanich said the development of worker participation in the automotive industry relies on workers’ understanding and proficiency with automation systems, which will play a greater role on the manufacturing lines in the future, to lessen costs and time. Meanwhile, business owners must also adjust their manufacturing lines to allow for the production of modern vehicles, such as clean energy vehicles and electric vehicles.

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