Prime Minister’s Office Minister Panadda Diskul has called on students in Narathiwat province to understand about Thailand as a nation and to use online media with discretion for the interests of themselves, society and country.

Rayong province and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports will co-organize a tourism promotion campaign from today until 28 August 2016 at Central Plaza Rayong Shopping Center, presenting local identities and promoting community-based merchandise.

Makro is inviting the public to join a grocery renovation design contest for 2017 by showcasing Thai identities. Winners of the contest will receive a 200,000 baht prize. Applicants may contact Splendid Organizer Co.Ltd. tel 0-2539-2053 ext 123 from today until 16 September 2016.

Trat province has launched Trat Folk Food Fair as part of a Creative Culture Plaza campaign from today until 28 August 2016 along Thana Charoen Road, Rak Khlong Bang Phra Community.

The Department of Water Resources is monitoring the water level in Mekong River which has gradually decreased while news reports that water had been released from upstream Chinese dams have not been officially confirmed as yet.

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