PM visits Sisaket, follows up economic development

16 Jul 2020 | View : 389

SISAKET (NNT) - The Prime Minister has made his first official trip since the COVID-19 outbreak to Sisaket province, observing the adaptation of people’s lives to the New Normal as well as following up on local economic projects.

His first stop in the province was at Tubtim Durian Garden which has implemented comprehensive agriculture practices.

Durian farmed here has been Geographical Indication (GI) registered, which helps increase value and promotes common farm practices. Sisaket province now has some 13.7 square kilometers of durian farms.

While at the garden, the Prime Minister observed the growing operations and quality controls. He talked to local farmers and business persons about business development and comprehensive agriculture for sustainablilty.

Farmers and businesses are encourage to sell more of their produce online to reach more markets, and maintain pricing. The government is focusing on young farmers, who will become an important economic driver of local communities, and has promised to solve water issues and better manage water resources in all areas.

During his tour, the Prime Minister delivered the GI registration certificates for Sisaket’s durian, red onion, and garlic to local farmers, and viewed an exhibition on Huai Ta Mai reservoir increasing its capacity to mitigate flooding and drought, as well as providing additional water resources to local communities, and serving as an ecotourism attraction.

In the afternoon, the Prime Minister visited Kantharalak District Border Patrol Police School to observe the school’s education quality enhancement program with precautionary measures against COVID-19, and then viewed an area-based development project at Wat Samrongkiat in Khun Han district.

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Reporter : Tanakorn Sangiam

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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