Volunteers in Ratchaburi distribute free meals amidst COVID-19 suffering

28 Mar 2020 | View : 72

RATCHABURI (NNT) - The volunteers assembled at James Art, a shop on Sri Suriyawong road in Ratchaburi, to hand out boxes of food, drinking water and snacks. Their sign read "Fighting Together Thailand".

The stall attracted members of the public, the homeless, disabled people and night workers impacted by temporary closures. They took the meals home to eat, with each individual receiving one meal, except for those taking meals to bed-ridden patients. A total of 200 meals were given out in a short time.

A local mobile phone vendor, Anat Matangkarat, who assembled the volunteers using Facebook, said he did so because he felt sorry for those suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic. The group also took 50 meals to medical personnel under quarantine.

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Reporter : Praphorn Praphornkul

Rewriter : hugh brammar

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