Social Security covers COVID-19 hospital treatment

24 Mar 2020 | View : 872

BANGKOK (NNT) - Insurance packages offering benefits to cover COVID-19 infections have become popular among those who can afford them. Meanwhile, those who are insured with the Social Security Office can rest assured that their hospital treatment will be covered if they fall ill from COVID-19.

The Social Security Office (SSO) Secretary General Todsaphon Kritwongwiman, has revealed that persons with the Social Security scheme under Article 39, including those paying the social security fee by themselves and who have made continuous payments can receive treatment for COVID-19 free of charge at their registered hospital. Emergency conditions will automatically allow them to receive treatment at any hospital close by.

If diagnosed with COVID-19, insured persons will receive wage compensation at half their daily wage or 80 baht per day for their leave of absence or the period of their hospital treatment, as recommended by the doctor.

Insured persons under Article 40, mainly informal workers who have voluntarily made Social Security contributions, will be covered for medical fees if they seek treatment at their registered facilities based on the National Health Security scheme. They will be entitled to up to 300 baht daily wage compensation for up to 90 days should they need to stop working.

Insured persons under both articles are entitled to wage compensation for their illness. More information is available on 02-956-2513-4, or the 24-hour 1506 hotline.

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