Songkhla Public Health Office educates local tour operators on COVID-19

26 Feb 2020 | View : 222

SONGKHLA(NNT) - The Songkhla Provincial Public Health Office has organized a seminar to educate local tour operators, guides and public transportation service providers about preventive measures to take against COVID-19.

Medical officials from Hat Yai Hospital and the local public health office informed the participants about the new coronavirus, guidelines on protecting themselves and their clients and the establishment of safe zones.

The office underlined the importance of disinfecting vehicles used for public transport, maintaining hygiene among vehicle operators and providing hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol to passengers.

Additionally, health officials urged the attendees to inform authorities, via the hotline 1584, about clients or passengers exhibiting flu-like symptoms, in order to give the authority enough time to perform physical examinations and isolate potential carriers quickly.

Thailand has an accumulated total of 37 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 22 patients having already recovered and 15 others being treated in hospital.


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Reporter : Na-ark Rojanasuvan

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