House readied for censure debate scheduled from Feb 24 to Feb 27

24 Feb 2020 | View : 224

BANGKOK (NNT) - House of Representatives officials have been preparing for the censure debate against the government, scheduled to begin tomorrow. House Speaker Chuan Leekpai admitted the number of working voting machines is currently insufficient.

Mr. Chuan confirmed he has had officials of the Office of the Secretary of the House of Representatives prepared for the censure debate, scheduled from February 24 to February 27. He said the officials will find out today which, if any, of the voting machines in the House chamber are not ready for use during the censure debate.

The House speaker said the voting machines were tested and by specialists on Thursday. Though the number of MPs has reduced, due to the dissolution of the Future Forward Party, there are still not enough voting machines, requiring him to extend the time for MPs to take turns to use them. This time might be the last time the MPs cast votes with those voting machines in the temporary House chamber as a permanent one, equipped with such machines, is scheduled to open in May.

He said the current House quorum has changed due to the dissolution of the Future Forward Party and executive committee MPs losing their parliamentary status.

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