People aware of campaign against single-use plastic bags

05 Jan 2020 | View : 181

THAILAND (NNT) - Over the past week, the campaign against single-use plastic bags has been well promoted. Various alternative containers have been suggested on social media for use in place of plastic bags, with many clicks on Like and Share.

In Ratchaburi province, Phanomkorn Kitphothiyarn posted a picture on his Facebook page saying ’’when a servant has to immediately stop using plastic bags, a boss has to do without it. Hashtag ’’Meow reduces global warming.’’ The picture shows Melissa Mahaphol aka Nong Cherry, a former Miss Thailand World, and a cloth bag fully laden with items from a convenience store and a cat inside. It makes convenience store employees and cat lovers smile.

Cosplay-clad Benjaphorn Jetsadakant aka Nong Sai of Ratchaburi province posted a picture and message on her Facebook page saying ’’As a Ratchaburi native who took a dragon jar for a container. It not only helps reduce the use of plastic bags but is also a cardio. End of review. Got to massage the arms." Many of her fans expressed their views about it.

In Phang-nga province, working adolescents carry water buckets while shopping at a convenience store at a petrol station in the downtown municipality. They pay for the items at the counter, making the employees and other customers smile.

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