Timor Leste emphasises relationship with Thailand as true friends

04 Jan 2020 | View : 808

BANGKOK (NNT) - Timor Leste’s Ambassador to Thailand, Joaquim Amaral yesterday met with Prime Minister/Defense Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha at Government House, on the occasion of his finishing his Bangkok posting.

The prime minister said he was pleased with the close relationship between Thailand and Timor Leste and the exchange visits between the two countries at royal and government levels. In particular, Thailand and Timor Leste have become partners in development and academic cooperation. The prime minister thanked the outgoing Timor ambassador for playing a significant role in promoting the relationship over the three years of his posting to this country and confirmed the Thai government remains ready to work closely with the new Timor ambassador to Thailand.

The outgoing Timor Leste ambassador confirmed the Thai-Timor Leste relationship has been fostered in close and cordial fashion like those of true friends and thanked the Thai government for its cooperation and support for the Timor Leste embassy’s missions, including that provided for the setting up of a Timor Leste honorary consular office in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, which will help promote trade, investment and tourism between the two countries. Meanwhile, the Timor Leste ambassador planned to extend economic cooperation with Thailand and invited the Thai private sector to invest in Timor Leste.

Both parties have been happy to enter concrete bilateral cooperation in all areas such as academic, educational, agricultural and fisheries’ cooperation. Timor Leste has sought Thailand’s support for the former’s application to become an ASEAN member. The prime minister said such matters require consensus from all ASEAN member states, but Thailand will provide support for Timor Leste’s preparations and potential to become a member of ASEAN in the future.

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