Minister Tewan holds talks with car dealers at Motor Expo

06 Dec 2019 | View : 158

BANGKOK (NNT) - New car sales at the end of the year have increased thanks to the Motor Expo 2019 event. A Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office has urged car dealers to adhere to the contracts and treat customers fairly. Customers can make complaints of unfair treatment or misleading contracts by calling the 1166 hotline.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister, Tewan Liptapallop has held talks with representatives of vehicle dealers at the Motor Expo 2019.

The PMO Minister said he urged dealers and brand managers to adhere to the contracts made with customers, ensuring the vehicle is delivered on time, in the agreed model and color, and with any additional premium items agreed to in the contract.

Dealers are required by law to refund money to customers within 15 days should they fail to deliver vehicles and additional items as agreed to in the contract, which invalidates such a contract.

An inspection of 2019 Motor Expo orders show there have been only four or five cases of delivery issues, which have already been rectified by the dealers. The PMO Minister praised the dealers on their commitment to delivering products according to the signed contract.

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