Winter tourism booms in northern provinces

06 Dec 2019 | View : 385

THAILAND (NNT) - Lower temperatures and winter breezes in the northern region have helped in boosting tourism activities as visitors arrive to enjoy the cold weather, helping distribute income to local communities. The temperature is expected to the lowest average on 7-9 December.

Many tourists have been visiting Hin Sam Wan or Phu Sing mountain in Bueng Kan to see the sunrise in the morning. This scenic observation point is located in the northernmost part of the northeastern region, where tourists can enjoy seeing the picturesque landscape surrounding Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mekong river. The area is the site of three large stones resembling a family of three whales. The temperature this morning was 12 degree Celsius with strong winds.

In Nong Khai, the tourism scene is lively during the present holidays, especially the 2,600-rai (4.16 Wang Bua Daeng pond where the red lotus flowers are in full bloom. Many tourists visit the area to observe the colorful scenery while enjoying cold breezes in the morning. The lowest temperature in Nong Khai today was 13 degrees Celsius, and as low as 11 degrees Celsius on mountain peaks. The blooming lotus flowers at Wang Bua Daeng will last until late March or early April next year.

In Buriram, officials from the Provincial Livestock Development office and volunteers have administrated vaccines to prevent the spread of Hand, Mouth, and Foot Syndrome among cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs in winter. Farmers are advised to monitor the health of their livestock closely. District livestock offices have received directions to provide free vaccinations at farms in their service areas.

Landholders in Buriram currently farm some 250,000 cows, 100,000 buffaloes, and 5,000 goats. The livestock office has already provided Hand Mouth and Foot Syndrome vaccinations to some 60 percent of the livestock population.

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