[ASEAN 2019] ADMM Retreat and ADMM Plus meeting

17 Nov 2019 | View : 476

The ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM) and the ADMM-Plus will provide a major mechanism to promote and strengthen international defense cooperation and meet threats to regional security.

The 6th ADMM-Plus is discussing seven topics of security-related cooperation including humanitarian aid and disaster relief, maritime security, military medical services, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping missions, mine disposal operations for humanitarian reasons and cybersecurity. The participant states take turns to host the ADMM-Plus at three-years intervals.

The theme of sustainable security has been chosen for ASEAN as a political security community. Thailand as chair of this year’s ASEAN has raised the theme of advancing partnerships for sustainability in all respects, both inside and outside of ASEAN, looking to sustain regional peace, stability and prosperity.

A joint declaration on sustainable security will be made alongside a joint statement of the ASEAN Defense Ministers and those of partner countries on the promotion of the partnership for sustainable security. Meanwhile, three papers will be ratified with regards to the optimum use of resources and compatibility with the current security situation, support for border administration and management, and eradication of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Thailand has initiated the drafting of the papers on border administration and management, and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing for which military support will be provided in the course of cooperation in the ASEAN economic, social and cultural community.

The deliberations and conclusions of the ADMM and the 6th ADMM-Plus will underline a joint resolution to promote mutual trust and cooperation in security matters between ASEAN and the partner countries, under the ASEAN theme of security and sustainability.

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