Chim Shop Chai Phase 3 sign-up opens today

14 Nov 2019 | View : 276

BANGKOK (NNT) Phase 3 of the government’s Chim Shop Chai - Eat Shop Spend campaign upens today; this time 2 million people can sign up for an electronic wallet where they can top up money and spend at will, to receive up to 20 percent cashback on eligible purchases. There will be no 1,000 baht allowance as in previous phases, however rewards will be given this time to purchases made inside users’ own province of residence.

The Cabinet has extended the campaign period for Chim Shop Chai Phase 3 to the end of January next year, from the previous 31st December this year, in the hope of continuing the simulation of the economy.

In Phase 3 of the campaign, no 1,000 baht allowance will be given as in previous phases, as the government wishes to encourage electronic payment through the Pao Tang (Wallet) application, where users can top up money in their electronic wallet and make payments to receive rewards.

With eligible purchases, users will receive 15 percent or up to 4,500 baht cashback on their first 30,000 baht spending, plus 20 percent or up to 4,000 baht cashback on their subsequent spending beyond the first 30,000 baht reaching up to 50,000 baht. Each user can earn up to 8,500 baht cashback from a 50,000 baht total in eligible purchases.

Users can now earn cashback on purchases anywhere in Thailand even in their province of residency, whereas the previous phases only allowed purchases outside of the home province. The locational restriction is also being lifted for those who signed up in Phases 1 and 2, who can still use their topped up wallet balance and earn rewards until the campaign’s expiry.

Interested persons can sign up for the campaign tomorrow, with only 2 million applications accepted. Persons who have already signed up in previous phases are not accepted this time. 500,000 of the slots are reserved for senior citizens. The online registration system will accept 1 million sign-ups each day, at 6 a.m. and again at 6 p.m., each able to accept 500,000 applications.

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