Krathong baskets made from environmentally friendly materials, popular this year

11 Nov 2019 | View : 524

BANGKOK (NNT) - At Pak Khlong Talat, vendors have begun to sell materials suited to Krathong basket making. This year, the focus is on environmentally friendly materials.

Popular materials include banana trunks, banana leaves, various kinds of flowers as well as joss sticks and candles. Ready-made Krathong baskets are sold at prices from 10 - 1,000 baht. They are made from bread, palm leaves, corn leaves, water Hyacinth and fish food. The vendors also make Krathong baskets at customers’ request. They are priced according to their beauty and size.

Popular ready-made Krathong baskets are made from natural materials that degrade easily after the event. The most popular ones are in cartoon shapes. The vendors said today that every piece is made of environmentally friendly material in order to create a new 100-percent Styrofoam-free Loy Krathong festival record, with the smallest amount of waste from Krathong baskets.

People buying materials to make Krathong baskets say this year, they are focusing on making Krathong baskets from natural materials that easily degrade, in accordance with the government’s policy which is aimed at encouraging people to pay attention to the condition of rivers and the environment by using natural materials, and using one Krathong basket per family which will help reduce the problem of waste from the baskets clogging the waterways after the joy of Loy Krathong.

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