Roving Cabinet: Water resource development projects to eliminate chronic drought in Kanchanaburi

09 Nov 2019 | View : 339

KANCHANABURI(NNT) - An anti-drought water resource development project in five districts of Kanchanaburi province will be submitted to a roving cabinet meeting in the province scheduled for November 12.

Kanchanaburi province’s geography is mostly fertile but its northeastern part is all hills and valleys. The province has nearly 1.7 million rai of farmland which requires 1.29 billion cubic meters of water but only 105 million cubic meters of water is available.

The Royal Irrigation Department has conducted a study on the transfer of water from Sri Nakharin dam to solve persistent drought problems. The solution will be submitted to the roving cabinet meeting on November 12 in an effort to eliminate recurring droughts in the five districts of Kanchanaburi. If approved, along with a budget, nine water resources, consisting of eight weirs and a reservoir, will be built within a one-year time frame. About 4,800 rai of land and 915 households will then be provided with water for farming and consumption.

Though the Mae Klong River, covering the western region of Thailand, has never run dry, the five districts of Kanchanaburi are faced with persistent drought and are called ’’Isaan of Kanchanaburi,’’ becuase Isaan or the northeast of Thailand is the region that has always faced the most severe droughts in Thailand. The roving cabinet meeting in Kanchanaburi is expected to provide the budget to resolve the matter.

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