PM Prayut chairs ISOC meeting, instructs security personnel to work more proactively

08 Nov 2019 | View : 291

BANGKOK(NNT) - Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, has delivered his work policy at the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) meeting, and instructed the agency to work more proactively and exercise caution when using weapons and handling issues related to human rights.

The ISOC meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister, was held to acknowledge the agency’s performance and achievements this year and its work next year. Gen. Prayut said that ISOC had made progress in many areas but some issues need time due to their complexity driven by internal and external factors. Certain issues cannot be fully disclosed and they would affect the agency’s operations.

Speaking of the proposed enforcement of a curfew in the southern region after 15 people were killed in a recent gun attack in Yala province, the Prime Minister said the time frame has not been considered but it has to be enforced to facilitate the investigation and prevent suspected gunmen from crossing the border at this time. The authorities are tracking down the suspects. If the authorities cannot close the area, problems could arise.

He said the suspects are now hiding among the local people, but more details cannot be disclosed. However, the investigation is making progress and evidence collected from the scene has been sent for forensic examination. The motive behind the attacks was to put pressure on the government, as it has received cooperation from the local people while the overall situation is improving. Some people were only concerned about human rights in the area, but they are not the local people.

The Prime Minister, referring to potential peace talks, said the operations have to be adjusted continually because there are many different groups of people, such as political leaders, the military as well as older and younger generations. Today, security personnel has to work more proactively, but they must also exercise caution when using weapons and handling issues related to human rights.

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