Hue poised to introduce smart bicycle system to serve tourists

06 Nov 2019 | View : 691

VIETNAM(VOV)- Both residents and visitors will only need to scan the QR code in order to unlock the bicycle and use it, with a built-in GPS installed to track the bike’s position.This service will allow residents and visitors to enjoy a convenient, compact, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

According to a representative of the initiative’s investor, the project will come into use ahead of the 2020 Hue Festival. Once implemented, Hue will become the first city to use the smart bike system nationwide.

It is anticipated that the inner city will contain 300 to 400 bicycles, whilst the outer city will hold approximately 2,000. The project’s goal is to contribute to reducing emissions and environmental pollution, whilst also elevating an image of Hue as a green, smart tourism city in the eyes of visitors.

In addition, tourists will be able to enjoy a wider range of options along with the ancient capital’s tram system or boats which operate on the Huong river.

Hoang Quoc Viet, Director of Vietsoftpro Company - the main investor of the Smart Bicycle Project noted that the company will deploy 15 stations with 1,000 bicycles ahead of the Lunar New Year festival.

Following an initial launch, the project will expand to 44 points with 2,000 bicycles serving Hue. In total, 44 stations will be spread evenly throughout Hue and a number of close-by relic sites.

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