Commerce Minister says United States disputes Thailand’s ban on farm chemicals

27 Oct 2019 | View : 422

BANGKOK(NNT) - The United States Department of Agriculture has called on the Thai government to review the ban on three hazardous chemicals used in the agricultural sector. Deputy Prime Minister/Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanawisit has instructed the Department of Foreign Trade to consider the effects on Thailand.

The deputy prime minister/commerce minister says the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s letter underlined the U.S. government’s concerns over the banning of the three hazardous chemicals to the extent that the cost of a new chemical might be increased by up to 100 billion baht. In addition, the importation of some U.S. farm products into Thailand might also be affected. He said he couldn’t tell as yet how the ban on the three chemicals might affect Thailand, pending consideration by relevant agencies.

Meanwhile, Asst Prof Wipharat Chaiyasit and Assoc Prof Rattana Sananmueang of Naresuan University’s Science Faculty, have conducted research using test equipment on paraquat and glyphosate which are used to eliminate weeds and grass. Farmers can easily use the inexpensive test equipment to check any potentiallyhazardous chemical before use. The results of the test can be learnt within 10 minutes.

Many local administrative units have made inquiries on the use of the test equipment to protect farmers from hazardous chemicals. Naresuan University has already provided the equipment for tests on paraquat and glyphosate at the university’s service and innovation cooperative.

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