Facebook Thailand launches fake news checker

19 Oct 2019 | View : 1042

BANGKOK (NNT) - To curb the proliferation of fake news on social media, causing misunderstandings among the general public, Facebook Thailand has initiated action.

Facebook Thailand has launched a fake news checker function, to reduce the spread of fake news and help improve the quality of online content. The check function was developed by Facebook and AFP news agency, and certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), which will verify the content, images, and videos posted on Facebook. Posts which are found to be fake news, or to have misleading titles, will have their visibility adjusted downwards. Users will receive a warning when trying to share flagged posts. Pages found to be sharing fake news will also have their visibility reduced, and will not be allowed to use revenue functions, and may face termination.

The function uses AI technology, along with AFP reporters in 10 countries of the region. The function will soon be able to screen contents in Thai.

A lecturer at Chualongkorn University’s Faculty of Communication Arts, Ms Pijitra Suppasawatgul, said today the spread of misinformation and fake news online is growing, and will have more severe effects when related to important situation or events. The use of the checker tool by Facebook can only partially mitigate the problem, while the overall issue requires the cooperation of the general public, the government, and other online social media platforms.

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Reporter : Tanakorn Sangiam

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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