Deputy Transport Minister at PIPO center in Narathiwat

19 Oct 2019 | View : 261

NARATHIWAT (NNT) - The Deputy Minister of Transport has ordered the Port-In Port-Out (PIPO) center in Narathiwat to regulate all ships, and prevent them from littering the sea, while promoting the development of ports as new tourism attractions.

Deputy Minister of Transport Atirat Ratanasate visited the Port-In Port-Out (PIPO) center in Narathiwat to observe fishing port management by the Fish Marketing Organization.

During the visit, he ordered the PIPO center to regulate the movements of all boats to help maintain the cleanliness of the sea and stop boat crews discarding rubbish into the water. Mr. Atirat also discussed the development of ports in Narathiwat as new tourism attractions featuring seafood markets, in order to create more jobs for villagers and to promote tourism. Narathiwat province will be working with the Marine Department on this project.

From October to September this year, 38 boats made 3,369 port-in port-out reports via the center in Narathiwat. An inspection of piers shows littering is the most common issue affecting the area, requiring measures to bring the discarded debris back to land. for proper disposal.

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