2020 Budget Bill discussion continues for Second Day

18 Oct 2019 | View : 228

BANGKOK(NNT) - The government has stressed that the proposed budget allocation to the Ministry of Education is flexible, and appropriate to the needs of each division.

The House of Representatives is today continuing its session on the proposed 3.2 trillion baht 2020 fiscal year Budget Bill, where the opposition is focusing on the budget allocation to the Ministry of Education. The government has stressed that the proposed budget is flexible, and will take into consideration the requirements and needs of each division. The session today started at 9 a.m., with house speaker Chuan Leekpai presiding over proceedings.

The proposed budget bill continues to be criticized by opposition MPs because of the alleged inappropriate priority it gives to some ministries; excessive plans for weapon purchases, and concerns regarding economic development plans which may deepen inequalities.

The opposition has been concentrating on the budget allocation to the Ministry of Education, which receives the biggest amount every year, while education development fails to show concrete outcomes. The opposition argues that most of the budget allocation should benefit students, not educational staff, and has pointed out there’s no practical digital technological implementation for child development.

In response, the Minister of Education Nataphol Teepsuwan has insisted that budget allocations within the Ministry of Education are flexible, and in keeping with the needs and requirements of each division. He has assured the public he will regulate the allocation to ensure maximum benefits and effectiveness for both teachers and students.

MPs from the government coalition have also raised concerns on the lower budget allocation to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, despite the tourism sector being a key economic driver generating 3 trillion baht revenue for the country, while the Ministry of Transport should also receive more budget for the development of transportation infrastructure to help upgrade the tourism sector and attract more tourists from neighboring countries.

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