ASEAN Day for Disaster Management activities

10 Oct 2019 | View : 372

BANGKOK (NNT) - The restoration and reinforcement of disaster management protocols have been among the top priorities of the government, which has this year focused on the promotion of disaster management and prevention awareness at schools and hospitals.

Safer schools and hospitals is the main theme of Thailand’s event for the ASEAN Day for Disaster Management and International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction this year. The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) is raising awareness of better disaster prevention measures to improve the structural integrity of school and hospital buildings to withstand disasters, as well as improving the restoration process for damaged schools and hospitals.

The event features exhibitions, and exchange sessions between disaster management agencies, presenting campaigns, projects, and knowledge on safety enhancements at schools, hospitals, and communities, as well as mobile units demonstrating earthquakes, and safety promotions in Bangkok.

The DDPM Deputy Director General Chainarong Vasanasomsithi said today the government gives high priority to disaster risk reduction, to ensure the safety and sustainability of Thai people.

13th October each year is the ASEAN Day of Disaster Management, and the United Nations’ International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, the purpose being to raise awareness of, and participation in robust disaster management.

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