M-Culture Big Data service goes live online

05 Oct 2019 | View : 676

BANGKOK (NNT) - The Ministry of Culture has curated some 300,000 cultural items from 9 agencies on the M-Culture online service, allowing users to access all the data on a single website.

The M-Culture project is a big data implementation serving as an online cultural data center, now featuring some 300,000 cultural items in the form of articles, videos, photos, and research papers. The site features 9,000 items related to historical sites across the country, World Heritage nominations, museum information, information on all 39,678 temples in Thailand, the noble community campaign, national artist information, a knowledge base on cultures, intangible cultural heritage, local art, ethnicities, food, attires, beliefs and ceremonies.

The center also provides information on the work of related agencies, and helps the general public to make inquiries or requests, such as for movie and video inspection, reserving rental venues at the Thailand Cultural Center and services at the National Library.

The M-Culture center is now live online at digital.m-culture.go.th. Users can now use the search function to access items which interest them. The Ministry of Culture will soon develop the service to feature an intelligent chat bot to interact with users on Facebook.

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Reporter : Tanakorn Sangiam

Rewriter : Asma Thinkohkaew

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