Innovation Thailand Expo showcases innovations for society, environment

04 Oct 2019 | View : 836

BANGKOK (NNT) - World-class innovations to enhance the quality of life, improve communities and the environment are now being displayed at Innovation Thailand Expo 2019, presenting solutions to social issues.

Innovation Thailand Expo 2019 is taking place until tomorrow at Samyan Mitrtown shopping center in Bangkok, on the theme Social Innovation in the City. The event features an exposition and offers the sale of innovative products that complement the lifestyles of people of all ages. Visitors can also attend a forum on sharing knowledge and expert guidance.

The Innovation Awards ceremony will take place as part of the event tomorrow, to recognize the work of excellent innovators in various categories, such as economics, social design, and innovative corporate media, as well as the presentation of the National Innovation Award and the Thai Rice Innovation Award.

Mr Weerapong Paesuwan, the chief adviser to the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation and the National Innovation Agency’s board chairman, said the Ministry is promoting the implementation of innovations to raise the country’s level of competitiveness, along with the adaptation of social innovations to help eliminate inequality, and improve the people’s quality of life in terms of incomes and health, to achieve sustainable happiness.

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