DPM Wissanu attends seminar on Government Information Act

20 Sep 2019 | View : 192

BANGKOK, 20 September 2019 (NNT) - Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam, has called on all government agencies to adjust their attitude and provide government information to the people through digital technology in a transparent fashion, so as to support the people’s occupations and daily activities.

In an annual academic seminar on the disclosure of government information with regards to transparency in government administration, the deputy prime minister delivered a speech entitled ’’information in the digital era for a transparent, uncorrupted society.’’ He said the Government Information Act of 1997 might be considered a burden, with overlapping, unnecessary tasks for government agencies, but it is in fact very useful in reducing the number of procedures for the people to make contact with the government agencies. It results in promptness through the use of digital technology, giving people access to government information. It observes six aspects of good governance, making the government information transparent and examinable.

Government personnel should adjust their attitudes, provide a government information service and promote the freedom of the people to access it so that they can make use of the information to support their occupations and inform their lives.

The deputy prime minister conferred plaques of honor on nine outstanding agencies which have centers for the disclosure of government information. He also presided over a ceremony to award certificates to 133 officials from five government agencies who have undergone an orientation course and knowledge test on the Government Information Act.

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