Smog intensifies in Yala from Indonesia wildfires

19 Sep 2019 | View : 227

YALA, 19 September 2019 (NNT) - The concentration of smog in Yala has increased once again due to forest fires in Indonesia, while the pollution is still not affecting most people, but posing some concerns among sensitive groups. The provincial healthcare authority is closely monitoring the situation, and warned people to wear a protective mask.

The skies in Yala this morning were covered with smog blown from forest fires in Indonesia, with little sun penetrating the haze. Air quality readings in Sateng sub-district show the PM2.5 level at 24 micrograms per cubic meter, and PM10 at 34 micrograms per cubic meter. The overall air quality is still considered very good, but with more airborne particles than previous days.

The Pollution Control Department has issued a warning for villagers in the southern region to monitor the situation on 18-20 September 2019 closely, advising them to wear a protective mask when necessary. Yala Provincial Public Health Office and related agencies have prepared equipment and masks and have asked villagers to refrain from burning items during this period to minimize the accumulation of airborne particles.

The current air quality in Yala does not pose health concerns among the general public, however people in sensitive groups, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases should be cautious, wear a protective masks and cover their mouth and eyes if required to prevent irritation, avoiding outdoor exercise and to seek medical attention if they experience any abnormal symptoms.

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