Ministry of Commerce confirms merchandise prices in flooded areas remain normal

18 Sep 2019 | View : 154

BANGKOK, 18 September 2019 (NNT) - The Ministry of Commerce, this week confirmed that the prices of merchandise in flooded areas remain normal, while hoarding or lack of goods has not been an issue. Officials have conducted inspections and found no shortage of subsistence goods which are widely available.

Wichai Phochanakit, the director general of the Department of Internal Trade, said he has received reports from the heads of commercial offices in the flooded northern and northeastern provinces, in which merchandise prices have been declared normal, while no complaints have been filed and no opportunistic price increases have been found.

The merchandise in question included subsistence goods. Private agencies and foundations have donated large quantities of subsistence items to flood victims, thus preventing any shortage. In many affected areas, delivery of goods has continued as normal and met the demands of the consumers. Goods have also been transported to flooded areas close to the Chi River and Mun River.

However, the prices of fresh vegetables have fluctuated due to marketing mechanisms. In the wake of drought or flooding, prices of fresh vegetables might rise due to a reduced volume. The prices will fall when the volume increases.

The Department of Internal Trade plans to open Blue-Flag markets for the sale of merchandise at prices 20-40% lower than market prices after the situation has returned to normal in the areas currently affected by floods. The merchandise will include materials for house repairs and subsistence goods.

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