Interior minister says seven provinces remain flooded

11 Sep 2019 | View : 238

BANGKOK, 11 September 2019(NNT) - Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda said that seven provinces are still flooded, prompting the authorities to provide full assistance to flood victims and remain on alert over the next few days.

The Interior Minister agreed that the seven provinces remain very badly flooded, including five northeastern provinces, such as Phichit and Phitsanulok where floodwater is yet to be drained away. The authorities are providing every assistance by evacuating local villagers from flooded areas and using boats at spots that are out of reach to rescue vehicles. Lately the volume of rain has slightly increased, while the authorities have remained on alert and closely monitored the Meteorological Department’s weather reports about an incoming rainstorm.

The Royal Irrigation Department has drained off 900-1,200 cubic meters of the Chao Phraya River’s water flow per second. The Interior Minister quoted the department as saying that if the water was drained off at no more than 1,000 cubic meters per second the situation would not intensify. But if over 1,000 cubic meters of water was drained off per second, some riverside areas in Ayutthaya might be flooded. But such flooding would not seriously affect local villagers and it occurs on a yearly basis.

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