Chao Phraya River level rises two meters

06 Sep 2019 | View : 208

BANGKOK (NNT) - Preparations have been made for the Central Plains to retain excessive water flowing from northern areas. In Ayutthaya province, farmers scrambled to harvest their rice before the excess water is released into empty land. Ayutthaya’s industrial estates have been prepared to cope with drought as well as flooding. Given the experience of 2011’s flood crisis, barriers have been built after the Chao Phraya dam released 750 cubic meters of water per second.

In Bang Ban district of Ayutthaya, the situation has prompted villagers to be on alert, though the excess water released from the Chao Phraya dam has had any serious effects as yet. The water in the Chao Phraya River in Bang Ban district has risen by more than two meters in four days and been risen about 40 centimeters on a daily basis. Riverside villages are expected to be flooded in the next four to five days, as more water is released through the dam.

Meanwhile, the farmers were scrambling to harvest their rice before September 15, because excess water will then be released into empty farmland. Most farmers were found to have harvested their rice with only about 20% of the total crop yet to be reaped.

Deputy Ayutthaya Provincial Governor Niwat Phatanand said relevant government agencies are closely monitoring the situation and have prepared measures to cope with it. In particular, two industrial estates and one group of factories, namely Bang Pa-in industrial estate, Baan Wa Hi-Tech industrial estate and Fast Fact industrial group, have been prepared to cope with either drought or flooding. Barriers, which are higher than those set up in 2011, have been prepared to keep out the rising water. Water pumps have also been installed to prevent flooding in the industrial areas.

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