DDG of DOPA sees the first pilgrim group off

17 Aug 2019 | View : 1318

JEDDAH, 18 August 2019 (NNT) - Mr. Sakrit Salakkum, Deputy Director-General of Department of Provincial Administration(DOPA) , and his team yesterday went to the King Abdul-Aziz airport to meet the Thai pilgrims who were going to depart to Thailand with Thai Airways’ charter flight to Narathiwat airport in August 18.

The Deputy Director-General said that he was assigned with the duty to facilitate the departure of Thai pilgrims back to their homes. Today’s flight would be the first departure flight for Thai citizens. After talking to delegation from Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Thai people were admired and should be looked up to for keeping the venues in order and clean. The pilgrims were also impressed by the experience from Hajj and would bring it back to their communities. This is indeed an admiring quality of Thai people.

Mr. Sakrit added that the departure flights for Thai pilgrims must be effectively assisted as promised by the government. Moreover, he emphasized on pilgrims’ health because they would need to readapt back to the time and weather of Thailand.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gariya Jaetae, a Pattani pilgrim, said that he was excited today to return home and would bring back what he learned to his community. He also would like to thank the government for providing the opportunity to come to the Hajj and would contribute this tremendous experience to the benefits of society.

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