Academic department of Thai Hajj Affairs Office urges pilgrims to take values of Hajj back to society

17 Aug 2019 | View : 368

MAKKAH, 17 August 2019 (NNT) - Dr. Noorodin Abdulloh Dagorha, an academic at the Thai Hajj Affairs Office, noted that Hajj is one of the five mandatory duties for all Muslims to undertake once in their lives. Moreover, the pilgrims’ post-Hajj lives should remain strongly tethered to Islam in order to be good role models in society.

Therefore, Dr. Noorodin urged pilgrims to uphold the 6 principles, which include donation to the poor especially to orphans, gentle verbal manners with youngsters and the elderly and making genuine greeting. If greetings are with fellow Muslims, say Salam with a sincere smile. If the greetings are with non-Muslims, make appropriate gestures for them. Pilgrims should also be self-aware when addressing the opposite gender. It is crucial to avoid any practices that go against the teachings of Islam. It is also important to point out that harmony is key to avoiding conflict.

Dr. Noorodin also wished pilgrims’ Hajj to be accepted by Allah and for them to take beneficial values of Hajj back home. Lastly, he wished pilgrims a safe flight back to Thailand.

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