Thailand’s Consul General complements Saudi Arabia for successful management of Hajj

16 Aug 2019 | View : 311

MAKKAH, 16 August 2019(NNT) – Thailand’s Consul General in Jeddah, Soradjak Puranasamriddhi, revealed that Saudi Arabia had implemented quotas for citizens from Muslim and non-Muslim countries attending the Hajj in order to prevent overcrowding. They also implemented effective management around the Kaaba areas and from Mina to Arafah. The Saudi Arabian government strictly regulates travel for Hajj only via charter flights. This helps the management of crowds because the pilgrims travel in large organized groups.

Furthermore, the Saudi Arabian government provides vehicles for transportation of the pilgrims which are supervised and guaranteed by the car cooperative, which has dramatically improved transportation during Hajj. Accommodation is monitored and approved by the government of Saudi Arabia and representatives from the Thai Hajj Affairs Office, along with food quality inspections, ensure that pilgrims remain fit, healthy and comfortable on their pilgrimage.

The Consul General added that all of these procedures, including visas, are efficiently and effectively managed, enabling Muslims attending Hajj can practice their faith with ease and in comfort, thanks to the meticulous planning by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

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