International Labor Organization chief visits Samut Sakhon

24 Jul 2019 | View : 460

BANGKOK, 24th July 2019 (NNT) - Ministry of Labor personnel have accompanied the Director General of the International Labour Organization, on a visit to the PIPO center in Samut Sakhon; he also observed the operations of a canned tuna factory known for its good labor management practices, where he praised Thailand’s significant improvements.

The Ministry of Labor’s Deputy Permanent Secretary Suradej Waleeittikul traveled with the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Director General Guy Ryder on the visit to Samut Sakhon province, where he observed activiies at the Port-In Port-Out (PIPO) report center in the province, and witnessed improvements and concrete outcomes from the Thai government’s determination to eliminate child labor and forced labor in fisheries and the seafood supply chain, while promoting labor protection and good practices in fishery operations, and ensuring all products from the Thai fishing industry are manufactured with good governance and in compliance with international standards.

The ILO director general said after the visit that Thailand’s ratification of the ILO Convention 188 earlier this year, signifies the determination of the Thai government to implement international standards to truly solve issues affecting fisheries, while he has observed significant improvements on this visit, particularly integrated works by government agencies to improve the living quality and skills of fishery workers.

He said the ILO understands the significance of fisheries for Thailand, as the sector creates jobs and generates income for the country, so the ILO is working closely with government agencies and the civil society sector to improve the whole fishing industry and employment systems to be better accepted by the world.

When asked about Thailand’s future directions after having the yellow-card IUU fishing warning lifted, the ILO chief said he had stood on this exact pier seven years ago when many issues were still obvious, but now the situation has greatly improved with forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor eliminated. He said the world now acknowledges the significant improvements Thailand has made, however the country still has more steps forward to make, with the lifting of the IUU fishing warning only a fundamental move.

The group of officials then visited a canned and frozen seafood products manufacturer Unicord Public Company Limited, which currently has 8,600 employees, some 7,000 of whom are from Myanmar. The factory has received many standard certifications including a basic Thai Labor Standards (TLS) certification, and has implemented Good Labor Practices (GLP) in human resource management, leading the company to be recognized as an excellent workplace for its employee relations and welfare achievements at a leading national level for a 4th year.

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