PM asks People to bring Food Carriers to Temples to reduce Plastic Bag use

16 Jul 2019 | View : 312

BANGKOK, 16 July 2019 (NNT) - The Prime Minister has invited Buddhists to bring handy food carriers to the temple to reduce the use of plastic bags and sterofoam boxes, to protect the environment and revive tradition.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has invited Buddhists to make merit at temples on the occasion of both Asalha Bucha Day and Buddhist Lent Day. He has encouraged people to restore tradition by bringing food carriers like baskets to the temple as before, instead of plastic bags and sterofoam food boxes. He emphasized that the government has continued efforts to manage plastic waste to preserve the environment which is a major issue on the world’s agenda.

The Prime Minister has encouraged temples across the country to manage organic waste from food, by processing it into biological fertilizer or fermented water which is an aspect of local wisdom that not only helps preserve the environment but also benefits farming.

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