Commerce Ministry launching Private Hospital Complaints center

16 Jul 2019 | View : 89

BANGKOK, 16 July 2019 (NNT) - As part of the effort to regulate medical fees charged by private hospitals, the Ministry of Internal Trade is to disclose fee lists from hospitals online for customer’s information and discretion. The practice is expected to start on 31st July. The Ministry will also be opening a Complaints Center specifically for hospital-related comments.

The Department of Internal Trade’s Deputy Director General Prayoth Benyasut said today the new complaints center will handle complaints regarding overpriced medical services and other fees charged to customers by private hospitals, after 353 hospitals submit pricing lists for their medicines to the department by 31st July. The center is expected to begin operations from mid-August.

The pricing lists from hospitals will be published on website. The complaints center will be situated at the same location as the product pricing complaints center, on the 3rd floor of the Department of the Internal Trade office in Bangkok.

Customers will be able to make their complaints in person at the center, or by calling the 1569 call center. Customers outside Bangkok can also file complaints at any provincial commercial affairs office.

The department has so far prosecuted one private hospital as a result of complaints made via the 1569 hotline for overpricing. The department is working on processing other complaints made.

The deadline for pricing list disclosure by hospitals has been extended from 12th July to 30th July. Some 60-70 hospitals have already submitted their lists. The department is positive all 353 private hospitals will submit their information as requested by the new deadline.

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