2020 Tourism Marketing Plan aimed at Generating 10 % more Revenue

10 Jul 2019 | View : 209

BANGKOK, 10 July 2019 (NNT) - The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has revised the tourism marketing promotional plan for 2020 which is focused on foreign tourists with high purchasing power and is aimed at generating 10 percent more revenue. The TAT will propose that the government extend the visa fee waiver to attract more tourists to Thailand.

Mr. Yutthasak Suphasorn, TAT Governor, said today that the TAT has clearly determined the guidelines for promoting the tourism market in 2020, in order for Thailand to remain among the top six countries that generate most income from tourism, and increase revenue by 10 percent or about 371 billion baht. It also wishes to create tourism sustainability by focusing on tourists with high purchasing power who give priority to value rather than price. The TAT will also propose that the government extend the current measure to waive the fee for VISA ON Arrival that will expire in October, to March next year.

There are also new projects that will attract tourists, such as organizing "the Amazing Thailand Week" through the work of all TAT offices abroad cooperating with partners from all sectors to encourage tourists to visit Thailand; TAT will also disseminate positive stories about Thailand throughout the week. It is expected that this pattern of cooperation will make Thailand stand out and appear more striking throughout the event.

Tourists to Thailand will also see the introduction of a new concept "60 Happy Trails @ Muang Thai, The Series", a project to stimulate tourism throughout the year in three different seasons. Destinations will link major and minor tourism cities and communities that are keen to welcome and accommodate tourists.

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