Deputy premier orders preparations for flooding in Bangkok

11 Jun 2019 | View : 331

BANGKOK, 11 June 2019 (NNT) - Deputy Premier and Defense Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan has instructed administrative, military and police officers to coordinate closely in preparations for flooding in all regions of the country during the rainy season, according to Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Khongcheep Tantrawanich.

The authorities have been instructed to prepare for the prevention and containment of torrential waters, landslides and flooding in major provinces and to help victims promptly and reduce risks of damage to property and danger to lives. Local public health units are to prevent flood-related epidemics and dengue fevers.

Meanwhile, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is coordinating with every community to conduct surveys on risk areas and set preventive measures for short circuits and road traffic management around construction sites. The authorities are ensuring that drainage systems, water pumps, water tunnels and canals will be operable to cope with floodwater. The police and military will alleviate traffic congestion caused by flooding, road accidents or vehicles with engine trouble.

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