Lampang farmers receive community occupational land permits

19 May 2019 | View : 137

LAMPANG, 19th May 2019 (NNT) - Villagers in seven subdistricts of Lampang have received permit booklets from the community occupational land allocation campaign, provided by Lampang province, Lampang Land Development Station, and local agencies. A ceremony was held to give each of the booklets to the appropriate land holder.

Lampang Provincial Governor, Songpon Savastham presided over the ceremony delivering more than 600 permit booklets to farmers and villagers in seven subdistricts of Ngao district, Lampang province, who do not own any land for farming. The gift of the permit allows them to work on state land as their occupation. The ceremony was attended by government officials from 15 agencies and representatives of the villages.

The delivery of these personal booklets is a result of the government’s policy to solve the issue of many farmers not having their own farmland, helping to reduce inequalities, and prevent trespassing in forest reserves for work or residency. The allocation of the land began with the establishment of the National Land Policy Committee (NLPC), which is authorized to create state land and resource management policies in keeping with the law, allowing related agencies to pursue their operations accordingly and effectively.

Villagers receiving a permit in Ngao district are allowed to use areas in Pa Mae Ngao national forest reserve, in a shared arrangement for occupational and residential purposes without ownership rights. The allocation of the land area is undertaken by Lampang Land Development Station working as the secretary of the Lampang Provincial Land Policy Subcommittee.

The permit booklets now delivered will serve as an endorsement of their right to work and reside on allocated state land according to the NLPC’s conditions, providing better life security and better opportunities for the grassroots public, encouraging them to develop the allocated land to ensure a reliable income and to improve their livelihood.

617 villagers in Ngao district have been allocated 731 plots of state land in this campaign, covering 11.34 square kilometers of land. The villagers benefitting are from Pong Tao, Ban Rong, Ban Haeng, Luang Nuea, Luang Tai, Ban On, and Na Kae subdistricts.

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