TDRI advises Govt to accelerate development of longevity society

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BANGKOK, 14 May 2019 (NNT) - The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) has advised the government to accelerate the development of longevity society to accommodate the aging society by focusing on using technology to help develop labor that is expected to be reduced in the future.

The TDRI held a public conference 2019 on "Social Longevity: How to Be Competitive, Live Well and Happy” to present study findings and provide suggestions to the government and business sectors and the public to prepare for Thailand to enter into an aging society and develop the Thai people to have a long and happy life along with economic growth.

TDRI President Somkiat Tangkitwanit disclosed that for entering into the aging society, Thailand needs to adjust the social development in response to the needs of the elderly group as the number of the elderly is expected to increase in the future. Longevity society development models of other countries will be applied. The reduced labor group has caused the production sector to decrease accordingly. The rate of adopting robotics in Thailand is low compared with competitors. Robotics is mostly adopted in the automobile industry but the robotics adoption rate in the agricultural sector is lower than it should be compared to the number of Thai farmers who are at an average age of 50 or more. This may result in a smaller number of farmers of new generations in the future because farming is tiring and requires a lot of workers. The TDRI wants Thailand to place importance on the use of technology to save labor and costs for hiring workers. The development of public areas in the city is also important to preparation for the aging society. The TDRI suggested allocation of areas that place importance on health, society, culture and creative ideas more by learning from South Korea that has reduces car space to allow people to have more space to use.

If Thailand does not accelerate solution to the problem of aging society, it is expected that the economic growth will decrease by 0.8 percent. One thing the government has to do is to extend the pension age and allow people above 60 to work. This will help solve the problem of shouldering the burden of pension payments and reduce the risk of pension fund bankrupcy in the future.

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