BMA inspect roads before rainy season starts

13 May 2019 | View : 181

BANGKOK, 13 May 2019 (NNT) - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has instructed the contractor of the Blue Line elevated rail project to fix drainage pipes and sewer ducts to prevent flooding in some areas, especially on Phetchakasem road.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Chakkaphan Phew-ngam inspected the construction site of the Blue Line project on Phetchakasem road in Bang Khae district, which is under close watch for flooding. During the construction of the rail project, the contractor had blocked off parts of the drainage network of pipes and sewer ducts, thus necessitating repair work by the BMA.

The Bang Khae District Office expects the construction of the seven sewer ducts to be completed on May 25. The drainage pipes, on both sides of a 20-kilometer stretch of the road in Bang Khae, Phasi Charoen and Bangkok Yai districts, are being ridden of rubble and 1,050 sewerage ducts are being cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent flooding on Phetchakasem, Charan Sanitwong and Ratchada Phisek roads as the rainy season approaches.

An additional nine sewer ducts will be built along Ratchamontri, Yai Thiab and Yai Phian canals to help with the drainage system on Phetchakasem road.

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