SBPAC gets Hajj pilgrims ready in Yala

18 Apr 2019 | View : 34

BANGKOK, 18 April 2019 (NNT) - To prepare for the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia this year, the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC), Yala Provincial Islamic Committee, and related agencies have held a preparation workshop on the Hajj for pilgrims from southern border provinces.

Some 100 pilgrims travelling to the Hajj this year from Yala, attended a preparation workshop on the Hajj pilgrimage held today at Yala Provincial Islamic Committee’s auditorium, where they were informed about pilgrimage details, travel information, their livelihood in Saudi Arabia, and the implementation of Hajj values in their daily life. The workshop is being held for pilgrims in each southern border provinces, with one workshop for one province.

The workshop was designed by the SBPAC, the Sheikhul Islam Office of Thailand, and the Department of Provincial Administration, containing religious academic information and Hajj-related laws, as well as behavioural guides.

Speakers at this workshop are highly respected persons in the Islamic religion from the Department of Provincial Administration, the Ministry of Public Health, the Center of Islamic Studies at the Region 8 Education Office, and Yala Provincial Islamic Committee.

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