Mountain wildfire in Chiang Rai brought under control

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BANGKOK, 18 April 2019 (NNT) - Officials and volunteer workers have managed to control a forest fire on Doi Charakhae hill in Mae Chan district of Chiang Rai.

Third Army Corps Commander Lt. Gen. Suphachok Thawatphirachai and Deputy Chiang Rai Provincial Governor Narong Rochanasothorn, have laid out an action plan at a Front Command unit in Mae Chan district of the northern province to cope with the forest fire in Lam Nam Kok national par, better known as Doi Charakhae.

Five hotspots had reportedly caused the forest fires, three of which have been brought under control, while officials and volunteer workers are working on the two others at the moment. The trouble spots are in the neighborhood of Mae Chanyanna Sampanno monastery and Tad Thong waterfall. A fire wall has been set up to keep the blaze from spreading down the hill or reaching a community. Local villagers have been advised to stay alert and help prevent forest fires, while legal action will be taken against those who may have set a forest area on fire.

No forest fire has been reported in Chiang Rai over the past two years. The latest fire was believed to have resulted from the long period of drought, making it difficult to put out the blaze in the woods and enabling it to re-ignite at the same spot.

Besides, the situation in Mae Saruay and Wiang Papao districts of Chiang Rai remains worrying with the hottest spot reported in a forest reserve area, prompting the 37th Army District at Meng Rai camp to set up a front command unit in the neighborhood of Somdej Phra Naresuan monument in Mae Saruay district, to keep the possibility of forest fires under control.

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