Commerce Ministry seeks export of bananas, pineapples, and pork under Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership

17 Apr 2019 | View : 117

BANGKOK, 17 April 2019 (NNT) - The Ministry of Commerce is promoting the competitive export of bananas, pineapples and pork under the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement in which import tariffs are exempted.

Department of Foreign Trade Director General Adul Chotinisakorn said today the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement currently provides for Japan’s tariff-free import of Thai farm goods including 8,000 tons of bananas, 300 tons of fresh pineapple and 1,200 tons of seasoned pork. No import tariffs are to be collected on the fresh bananas and pineapple from Thailand while the import tariff for the seasoned pork is only 16%, compared to the 20% collected previously. Thai bananas and pineapple used to be subject to 20-25% and 17% tariffs respectively under Japan’s import tariff regulations.

The export volume of those farm goods was not very large last year, with pineapple exports only amounting to about five tons. The small volume was in part attributed to the Japanese demand for each pineapple to weigh no more than 900 grams. In addition, only 1,947 tons of bananas were exported due to short supply and demand for quality control last year, thus discouraging the exporters from expanding their Japanese market. However, seasoned pork has been exported to Japan in full quota amounting to 1,200 tons yearly.

The Department of Foreign Trade has encouraged exporters to make more use of the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement and offered to issue certificates on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please visit the department’s website or call Hotline 1385.

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