Songkran revellers forming human wave

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BANGKOK, 15 April 2019 (NNT) - Songkran celebrations in Khon Kaen province have been lively, as Thai and foreign revellers are creating the famous "human wave" in an attempt to break the Guinness world records.

The atmosphere on Khao Niew Road in Khon Kaen has been lively, as almost 200,000 revellers are preparing to set a new human-wave record. To create a human wave, participants have to jump from the ground with hands raised high and sit down immediately after jumping. The Songkran celebrations on Khao Niew Road has attracted more than 400,000 visitors in the last three days.

Monday (Apr 15) is the final day for people to celebrate Songkran on U-Thong Road in Ayutthaya province. U-Thong Road has attracted at least 4,000 tourists per day. Meanwhile, officials have continued to implement the four safey measures, including banning sales and drinking of alcohol, banning the use of pickup trucks with loudspeakers, making sure that revellers wear appropriate clothing, and preventing fights. The authorities have also allowed vendors to sell their products on U-Thong Road without having to pay rental fees at this time of the year.

In the municipality of Chaiyaphum province, people have gathered on both sides of the road and splashed water at each other. Traffic congestion have been reported as some Songkran revellers carry barrels of water on the back of pickup trucks and cruise around the city with the intention to play water fights.

Although temperatures can be as high as 38 degrees Celsius in Tatton National Park, many tourists have visited its renowned waterfall to take part in the water-splashing fun. The number of tourist arrivals is more than 50,000 this year.

In Chiang Klang district of Nan province, many people made merit, sprinkled water on the city pillar shrine, and joined the "Cool Songkran" festival, which featured a Songkran parade and merit-making activities. The festival attracted thousands of local people and tourists who were dressed in traditional costumes. A beautiful dancing parade called "Fon Long Nan" was organized, involving more than 600 members of the Chiang Klang Women’s group.

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