Trains fully packed with Songkran travellers

15 Apr 2019 | View : 98

BANGKOK, 15 April 2019 (NNT) - Some 100,000 people are traveling by train during the Songkran holiday while the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is ready to prevent any passengers from being stranded on all routes.

Acting SRT Governor Worawut Mala disclosed today that there were 97,302 train passengers on April 13, 2019, with 5,656 on the regular train service and 1,737 traveling on additional train services.

The southern route had the highest number of passengers at 31,769, followed by the northeastern route at 24,830, northern route at 16,393, eastern route at 12,626 and Mahachai route at 11,684. It is expected that the number of people returning to their hometowns by train will be reduced to about 92,372 today.

However, the SRT has provided 15 additional train services and added additional carriages to 242 trains which are able to accommodate up to 100,000 -120,000 people per day during the peak travel periods April 11-13, 2019, and April 15-17, 2019, so that no intending passengers are left stranded.

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